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Spaghetti & Meatball Poutine?!

I can’t come to Canada and not eat poutine. So yesterday after the Marvel panel here at FanExpo in Toronto, me and couple artists headed up to a local joint to get our fix!

I walk in to any poutinerie knowing I’m going to order their standard poutine; gravy and cheese curds over fries is all I need, which is what I got…

However, it’s often difficult to pass up some of the funky, new-fangled flavors some of these potato pushers are coming up with, like…

…Spaghetti & Meatball Poutine!

Homemade meatballs, spaghetti and Parmesan cheese scooped over a standard order of poutine!

The meatballs were fantastic! However, the rest of the dish fell flat as none of the flavors and textures worked together.

An Instagram inspired item if there ever was one.

And we fell for it.

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The Pony Bar, NYC

The Pony Bar in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen is of course best known for their 20 rotating taps of amazing American craft beer. However, the often eclectic selection of brews sometimes overshadows the interesting edible items you can find on the menu there, particularly their bar snacks. Here’s a look…

Chicken-stuffed Buffalo Pierogies…

Deep Fried Horseradish Pickles with “Chris Ryan’s” ranch dressing…

And their OUTSTANDING Beer-Battered Green Bean Tempura with Asian Mustard…

They have a full array of excellent sandwiches as well!


637 10th Ave.

NY, NY 10036


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They say “food is art”, which I truly believe, and I love it when great art is in turn used to promote cool new food projects, like the two you see here.

Chef Alex Stupak is using that haunting piece by artist Sylvia Ji to announce the launch of his third Empellon eatery, Al Pastor!

Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson announced their new fast food concept, loco’l, with the second piece of more urban art you see above. (I am still waiting for confirmation on the artist.)

Hope to see more vibrant visuals as the food and art worlds continue to collide!

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