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Jackie’s Beer Nest, Shanghai, China

A post about a beer bar that’s not really about beer…

Jackie’s Beer Nest is one of my favorite Shanghai haunts. It’s a hole-in-the-wall beer joint that used to sell Chinese craft beer on tap and imported brews in bottles. It’s where we started our bar crawl last night…


However, sometime in the past three months since I was last there, things have changed at Jackie’s. He’s installed a new, modern tap system and is pouring only European beers now…


I was hoping to sample a variety of new Chinese beers last night, but the only local brew that had was Master Gao’s BABY IPA in bottles…


I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, but as we made the trip over, we decided to stay for a few cold ones and grab a little food from a few of the neighborhood take-out places…


I did my best to read the Chinese menu at the first place and ordered what I thought were fried noodles with beef and  some dumplings. The woman running the shop smiled, cooked and packed up my food…


I got the dumpling part right…


But “Big Meat Noodle Fry” got me noodles in soup with pork belly and bok choy…


But it was still pretty damn good!


My brother-in-law, who speaks Chinese, went out a fared a little better at a Sichuan counter…


Cumin lamb…


Spicy chicken with cashews…


Fried green beans and zucchini…



Friday night street eats washed down with some British beer in Shanghai!


76 Zhaozhou Lu

Near Xizang Nan Lu


Shanghai, China

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The BREW, Shanghai, China

After my flights are booked and meetings arranged, my next order of business is always meticulously researching good local restaurants and breweries in the cities I’m traveling to for work. I’ve been to Shanghai numerous times this past year, so thought I knew all the best places to go for great craft beer in this town. So imagine my surprise when I walked into the Kerry Hotel for a meeting only to find this…

It turns out that the lobby pub there, The BREW, makes all their own beer in house!!

Award winning beer at that…

How could I have missed this place?!

Anyway, I wasted no time getting acquainted with their full menu once my meetings had ended…

From left to right…

- Skinny Green American Light Lager

- PILS Pilsner

- White Ant Witbier

- India Panel Ale

- MASH Double IPA

- Dugite Vanilla Stout

The BREW is also where I had that wonderful Peking Duck Pizza…

My friend had their homemade Bangers & Mash which were excellent as well!

It’s a little bit of a trek out to The BREW in Pudong, but the fantastic food and drink made it well worth the trip, if you ask me.

Especially as they sell growlers of their beer for you to take home!


Inside the Kerry Hotel

1388 Hua Mu Road

Pudong, Shanghai




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