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Eggslut, Los Angeles

Like eggs?

Then Eggslut is the place for you!


A small breakfast & lunch counter located at the entrance of Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, Eggslut specializes in all things whites and yolks.

I went for breakfast and rejoiced in the runny revelation that is their sausage, egg & cheese sandwich.

It starts rather unassumingly…


But gets grander as you gander…


At Eggslut, they cook my eggs just how I like them…


House made turkey sausage, over medium egg, cheddar cheese and honey mustard aioli on a warm Portuguese bun…


In all its glory…


You may need extra napkins, but only if you don’t lick the eggy overrun off your fingers first!


Grand Central Market

Downtown Los Angeles

317 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Oreryu Shio Ramen, Kagurazaka, Tokyo


I’ve walked by this joint a dozen times, usually going to eat at other restaurants in Kagurazaka. However, Oreryu’s recently started to get some serious buzz, so I had to drop in see, smell and savor it for myself.

All the hype has been mainly over one specific bowl they serve, their “Jukusei Shio Ramen”, or age shio ramen, so I went in knowing that’s what I’d be eating…

All the buttons on their ticket machine have pictures and English translations, so non-Japanese speakers need not worry. And priced at only about seven bucks, one bowl won’t set you back too badly…

There are a few tables inside the place, but I always prefer the ambiance of the counter, piled high with bowls here…

The variety of toppings you get once you sit down are one of the other reasons Oreryu’s become buzzed about, as they’re all homemade. Like their yuzukosho, umeboshi paste and spicy garlic paste…

As well as their “rayu” chili oil, dried nori and konbu seaweeds…

You can put as much as you like of any or all them in your ramen once it arrives…

I always tend to go for mine “as is”… (Except at Tenkaipin!)

The broth here at Oreryu is made with shio (salt) and chicken bones, but it’s not necessarily “paitan”, which is usually much thicker, like tonkotsu. This is a lighter, milky broth with an increased saltiness, obviously. It’s much less fatty, which is where a lot of the positive press has been coming from. “Similarly flavored soup, half the fat.”

Oreryu serves theirs traditionally with menma, scallions and roast pork. They also add in some greens.

While it was a little light when compared to how I usually like my bowls, that didn’t stop me from ordering “kaidama”, or another handful of noodles to toss in the extra soup…

We also got an order of their “karaage”, or Japanese fried chicken, which was excellent and went so well with several of their toppings, like the chili oil and yuzukosho…

And you can’t not order gyoza, which were also wonderful…

While I like my ramen soups to be a little thicker and meatier, if you prefer a less artery-clogging experience with just a much flavor, go see this man!


2-11 Kagurazaka

Shinjuku, Tokyo



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The Donkey Fish Bowl, Mad Donkey, Queens, NY

So this happened…

Pineapple Juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, 7up, three types of rum, Red Bull and two dozen Swedish Fish!

If you don’t get alcohol poisoning finishing one, you go into diabetic shock!

To give you a sense of size…

Me and two friends finished about half of one bowl before we had to put it down for good.

If you can knock back two by yourself, you get your picture on the ceiling!


32-07 36th Ave

Astoria, NY 11106


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Pork Store Cafe, San Francisco

Originally established in 1914 as the Haight Street Pork Store Sausage Manufacturer, the Pork Store has gone through many incarnations over the past 100 years, but this San Francisco landmark is now celebrating its centennial and I had to check it out…

Located in The Haight, I had images of hippies hanging out, smoking weed and having breakfast in my head as I drove over, so I had to laugh out loud when I walked in and the Grateful Dead were playing on the jukebox.

When I sat down and was given a menu, the “Pork Store Special” was highlighted and I knew that’s what I had to order…

Two grilled pork chops, two fried eggs, hash browns and biscuits…

My friend Ron who recommended the place said I could not miss their pork sausage gravy, so I got my biscuits smothered in it…

Now that’s a breakfast!

All this and coffee for eleven bucks.

Here’s to another 100 years, Pork Store!!


1451 Haight St.

San Francisco, CA 94117


(In researching the history here, it seems there are two conflicting opening dates for the Pork Store, 1914 and 1916. As my waitress pointed out 1914 on the menu and talked to me about the 100 year anniversary, I’m sticking to that.)

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Pizza Port, San Diego

Wanted to give you all a look at the array of Star Wars themed beers that were featured at Pizza Port’s San Diego Comic Con event last month…

My first flight…

The guest brewer that day…

There were also plenty of plates of Pizza Port’s award-winning wings to feed the legions of Jedi and Stormtroopers who stopped in for a few pints…

Even droids were welcomed into this cantina for their fun, Force-filled fan event!


1956 Bacon St.

San Diego, CA 92107


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