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NYCC Food Guide Part Three - The Classics

I’m getting busier and busier this week as people start to arrive here in NYC for the con already, so I’m gonna drop you all a quick list here of some of New York’s classics, old and new, that would be in your best interests to try out, in my opinion…

Katz’s Deli - THE classic New York deli. Best pastrami in the world! When you go up to the counter, be obvious and make sure they see you put a tip in the jar and they’ll be very generous in letting you taste the meats before you order. Located at 205 E. Houston.

Gray’s Papaya - Who comes to NYC without eating a hot dog?! The grilled dogs at this venerable chain are some of the best in the city and far superior to our street corner dirty water dogs. You can find them at a few locations around the city, the closest to the con being on Broadway and 72nd St.

Crif Dogs - For a more classy New York hot dog experience, these guys are killer! Bacon wrapped hot dogs with all kinds of amazing toppings!! Located at 113 St. Marks Place.

Grimaldi’s - You’ll need to take a trip over the Brooklyn Bridge, but the pizzas at this legendary establishment make it worth the trip and the wait. Located at 10 Old Fulton St.

2014 note… I HIGHLY recommend Juliana’s Pizza now, run by Patsy Grimaldi in his original store front!

John’s Pizzeria - If you don’t want to travel all the way to Brooklyn, there’s a John’s Pizza, which makes good pies, right outside Time Square at 260 West 44th St.

Hill Country BBQ - A taste of Texas in the Big Apple, amazing BBQ right here in the heart of the city! Some of the best moist beef brisket I have ever had anywhere. And their homemade cheddar jalapeno sausage simply rocks my face off. 30 West 26th St. (They also just opened up Hill Country Fried Chicken right around the corner, but I have yet to try it.)

Xi’an Famous Foods - A hand-pulled Chinese noodle shop, I just can’t get enough of this place. My quick review and the address of the West Village location here:

Sushi Yasuda - People argue over the best sushi just like they do burgers, but if you want some of the best sushi the city has to offer, Yasuda is one of those places. Just go an get the “omakase”, let the chef chose from his daily catches for you. But be prepared, it is expensive. But you won’t regret it! Located at 204 East 43rd St.

Russ & Daughters - But if you want someone to make your bagel for you, Russ & Daughters is the place to go for that. They have killer appetizing to add to you experience! Located at 179 East Houston St.

2014 note… They also run Russ & Daughters Cafe now, which is amazing!

Babbo - Mario Batali’s pasta mecca! My favorite place for anything Italian in the city. Hard to get a reservation, but they do take walk-ins at the bar. Located at 110 Waverly Place #A.

Meatball Shop - A newer kid on the food block, this place as blown up faster than another restaurant in can remember in NYC. And they deserve the praise! Their meatballs are incredible and definitely worth the trip downtown. Located at 84 Stanton St.

I know I’m forgetting a ton of amazing NYC eating institutions as I dash out this list before work, but if anything else comes to mind, I’ll keep adding to it. Feel free to do the same in the comments section!

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