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Domino’s Japan “Prestige Quattro”

Before Wendy’s relaunched last week with their much-publicized and pricey Foie Gras Burger, Domino’s Japan upped the fast food game here by introducing four premium pizzas using equally decadent and exclusive ingredients. Feast your eyes on their Prestige Quattro…

First up is the King Crab and Jumbo Shrimp Gratin Pizza with White Truffle Sauce…

(I like the warning you get when you order this pizza: “*Please note that this item may contain pieces of shell or back bone.”)

Next comes the Mangalitsa Pork Pizza, with Mangalitsa pork, asparagus and Bordeaux sauce…

(They note in the advertising that Mangalitsa pork is “Hungary’s edible national treasure”.)

Their third premium pie is the Fresh Mozzarella and Beef Stew Pizza, which has, of course, fresh mozzarella and beef stew on it, along with broccoli…

And rounding out the Quattro is the Iberico Ham Pizza, topped with Iberico ham, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce…

While you can get each of the above pizzas on its own, the promo campaign heavily pushes the full Quattro, where you get to try all four topping sets on one pie…

The cost? A medium pie will set you back 2900 yen, which is about $37.50 at today’s exchange rate, and a large will run you 3900 yen, or $50.00!!

You can check out the ad and get all the info directly from their website here: There’s also a click-thru to a simply-translated English version for online orders.

The Prestige Quattro campaign was supposed to end on January 1st, but many Domino’s shops are still carrying these pizzas, like the one by our apartment in Kobe.

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