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Is This the Greatest Burger Joint in the World?


Quite possibly.

In my mind, there is no doubt… at this moment, Blacows in Tokyo indeed makes the best burger on the planet.

I’ve been hearing about Blacows for a while now, so as soon as I got off the Shinkansen last month, this was my first stop.


Blacows is a no-nonsense burger place. Owned and run by a butcher, it stakes it reputation on the superior quality of its meat. It prides itself on using only “Kuroge Wagyu”, or “Black-haired Japanese beef”. And that’s where the place gets i’s name from: “Black” + “Cow” = “Blacow”.

The first thing you see when you walk up to the door is a chalkboard that tells you what cuts of beef they’re using that day, where that beef came from, the exact number of the cow they bought it from, and the grade, usually always A5.


When I walked inside, it looks like a normal burger joint; tables, kitchen, happy customers…


But then something in the back caught my eye. A window with a guy in it…



Looking at the dessert menu posted there, at first youthink it’s a pastry kitchen?

But on closer inspection… a “Patty Factory”?!


Is that…?

Why yes, it is.

An in-shop butcher!



Blacows keeps a full-time butcher on staff who carves, cuts, grinds and blends their meat. Then makes each burger by hand so they’re as fresh as can be when they hit your plate!

I told you they pride themselves on their beef!

Now what about their burgers?

Served on a fresh-baked bun, from a partnership with bakery Maison Kayser, Blacows serves small, simple burgers with fries and pickle. I went with their standard cheeseburger…


While not the biggest fan of condiments on my burgers, I put my trust in Blacows and had them bring it to me the way they recommend it be served and eaten.

With a tomato based vegetable sauce spread on the top bun meant to enhance the beef flavor, over a mix of melted Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses…


And a homemade “tartar sauce” and chopped, lightly fried onions on the bottom bun for “punch and depth”…


So this was it, the moment or truth! Would this extreme quality, freshly made beef burger live up to its repuation? Could it come close to meeting my now super high expectations?


Yes, it would.

It surpassed them.

By far.


After just one bite, I knew I was eating a burger like no other.

It was, simply put, heavenly.

Celestial, even.


And I mean that quite literally, as there is no other burger like this… no other burger shop like this… anywhere else on that planet that I know!


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