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A Look at Singapore’s In-N-Out Pop-Up

Yesterday, In-N-Out Burger held their third Asian pop-up event in at the Golden Grill in Singapore from 11am-3pm. The previous events in Shanghai and Tokyo were instant sell-outs, but no one was prepared for the crowds of eating obsessed Singaporeans that turned out for burgers. It’s estimated over 600 people showed up and the shocked In-N-Out staff only had about 300 burgers on hand. So wristbands were given out and half the line was turned away hungry, unfortunately. But those who got there early and were lucky enough to get their hands on a Double Double truly savored the experience!

My friend @minicloud was about 40th on line with @direcow not far behind her, and they sent over a few pics of their experience…

600 strong!

In-N-Out powers… activate!

A light at the end of the tunnel… umm… line…

Almost there…


My precious!

Are those onions? Did some burgers go “Animal Style”?

Now this is the face you want from someone eating In-N-Out for the first time!

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    In and Out doing pop ups in other countries? To one of the foodie capitals of the world. Glad I can just go for a 10...
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