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El Sabroso, New York City

When I did my Tumblr Storyboard interview last year, writer Jamie Feldmar told me about El Sabroso, a secret Latin lunch counter tucked away inside a loading dock on West 37th St. I’d been meaning to try it as soon as my travels for the year ended, but then thanks to a recently-published New York Times article, the secret was out and the place got packed! However, walking by on New Year’s Eve, we noticed there were no lines but figured they were closed. We poked our heads in to check and were greeted with a warm smile from chef/owner Tony Molina who confirmed he was indeed open for lunch. We were going to get the food to go, but Tony asked us to stay as he could use the company since the building was closed and everyone assumed he was too. He offered two choices for lunch that day, stewed chicken and roast pork. We got one of each.

The entrance…

The roast pork was literally taken right out of the oven…

Fall of the bone tender…

Pork with rice and beans for six bucks!!

Pictures of Mutsumi’s chicken seem to have disappeared, but trust me when I say it was equally appetizing!

Next time you’re hungry in Midtown, keep an eye out for the line outside this loading dock! It’ll be worth the wait. And I just might be in it!

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