I travel for work. I eat for fun.

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  3. actorswithactionfigures said: Hey if that just came in today w/ a bunch of other good junk food, that was from me (@guiltyx) :) hope you liked the Canadian treats!
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  6. brewerbaby said: I LOVE THESE!!! They are not available in all states unfortunately. My husband just brought back two bags for me from Minnesota. We live in Texas. I miss them terribly!! These and the Limon are TDF!!!
  7. c4bl3fl4m3 said: Dill Pickle chips are now showing up with a lot more regularity here in the US! Yay! (Try the All Dressed chips. They’re my favorite that haven’t made it across the border yet. I miss them something fierce.)
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    wait….. are you telling me that other countries dont have dill pickle chips?? now you’ll say they dont have ketchup...
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  10. welcometothetipi said: I have been craving these! Darn you!
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  12. theshaunsnow said: You can get these in the U.S. Well, Midwest at least.
  13. eros-arils said: These are also in Georgia.
  14. grumperpants said: Minnesota also has this… I just figured all of the states did?
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    Available in America as well…
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    Yeah, why the fuck don’t they have these in the states. These are fucking amazing.
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  18. hiddenloveparadise said: They’ve been in Maryland since last year. It’s how I feed my pickle addiction
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