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McDonald’s “Takikomi Gohan”

In Japan, “takikomi gohan” is a common way of preparing a quick and easy meal. You basically just combine ingredients in your rice cooker, flip it on and let it all cook together. A sort of Japanese equivalent of a casserole, if you will. It’s typically fish, chicken and vegetables that are added to the rice in the cooker, along with soy sauce and dashi for flavor. However, it’s recently become popular online for Japanese home cooks to try and challenge themselves and see what different kinds of takikomi gohan they can come up with. Some folks play it straight, trying to create original recipes to share on social media, while other people take it to the extreme to see how crazy they can get. Here’s one of the weirdest combinations I’ve seen posted yet…

McDonald’s Takikomi Gohan!

The “cook” here went to McDonald’s and picked up a Big Mac, fries and Chicken McNuggets and added them AS IS over the rice in their cooker…


With a splash of Coke for added flavor…


Thirty minutes later and the rice is ready…


Mix and serve!


You can find the original Japanese article, and other takikomi gohan experiments, here.

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