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Lotteria Japan’s New Ramen Burger

So this is happening…

Later this month, Lotteria Japan will become the first major Japanese fast food chain to introduce a Ramen Burger!

As you may remember from one of my earlier posts, ramen burgers do already exist in Japan, common at festivals and "B-Kyu Gurume" stands and food events. However, these ramen burgers all usually feature “buns” made out of ramen, with pork and sauces used as the fillings, like this…


What Lotteria is now doing, in conjunction with Shinjuku’s “renowed” Menya Musashi ramen shop, is to create a ramen patty they’re putting between two buns and topping with char siu pork and… >gulp<… mayo.


And while this may all feel a little unconventional, Lotteria is adding an authentic aspect to the promotion, one where you can order a “kaedama” or second patty for 100 yen, just like you would extra noodles in a traditional ramen shop!

For 634 yen, the Ramen Burger also comes with a side of soup.

Available on May 20th at all Lotteria outlets nationwide across Japan!

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