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Bassanova Ramen Coming to NYC!


Been biting my tongue on this one for a bit, but the cat is now finally out of the bag, folks… one of my favorite Tokyo ramen joints is opening in NYC later this summer!

Welcome to the Big Apple, Bassanova Ramen!!

Chef Keizo Shimamoto broke the news on his Go Ramen blog yesterday:


To see a little bit more of what you can expect from Keizo and Bassanova, check out my previous musings about their amazing offerings here and here. It was the only place I ate at twice during my “Ask a Stranger” Tokyo ramen tour last year!

And the question I’m most anxious to have answered is, will Keizo’s NYC menu include the ramen burger he’s recently been experimenting with in Tokyo?

More details will coming shortly, but soon there will be green curry and tonkotsu ramen for all!

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