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Japanese Fast Food Burger Update

In an effort to fill the demand for fried chicken burgers left since MOS Burger revamped their menu, McDonald’s Japan has introduced two new poultry products of their own…

The Aurora Burger is deep-fried breast meat with bacon, cheese, lettuce and a new “Aurora sauce”, which people say looks and tastes surprisingly like the Big Mac’s special sauce.

The Salt & Lemon Burger is deep-fried thigh meat with lettuce, cheese and a sweet & salty lemon sauce.

Japan’s Gigazine has plenty of pics and more info, all in Japanese though. Sorry.

One thing they do point out is that both these burgers put the sauce on the bottom bun, under the chicken and condiments.

And I always find it interesting that McDonald’s Japan tells consumers just what cut of meat all their burgers are made from.

Also in Japan this week, Burger King celebrates the 3rd Anniversary of their return to the Japanese market with the limited run Rodeo Burger…

Available for just 3 weeks, the first 30 people ordering it in each shop each day get it for 330 yen, then the price goes up to 690 yen for the rest of the day.  The Rodeo Burger is a triple patty burger topped with six onion rings, lettuce, tomato,  sliced raw onion, mayo and “American” BBQ sauce. Available till July 20th.

Time to check into what KFC Japan is up to these days as well…

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