I travel for work. I eat for fun.

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Usually when I go out with award-winning writer/artist Becky Cloonan, our conversation tends to focus on comics. But when we sat down over oysters and cocktails up at Boston Comic Con this past weekend, she turned to me and asked, “Hey, do you like zucchini bread?”, which she followed up by pulling foil-wrapped loaves out of her bag.

Having just moved back to New Hampshire, Becky has a garden that’s giving her a bounty of summer squash she can’t eat all by herself. So she baked up a bunch of bread for her friends at the show.

Turns out Becky is just as talented a baker as she is an artist and her zucchini bread, packed with walnuts and cinnamon, is outstanding! Perfect when toasted with butter!!

I’m now trying to convince her to illustrate the recipe for us all!

Be sure to check out Becky’s comic work at and follow her here on Tumblr at beckycloonan

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