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The perfect candy for Easter yesterday… the new Hi-Chew Mini from Japan!

It’s the pretty much same concept where the candy companies here take their popular soft chew brands, say like Starburst, and turn them into jelly beans. However, with these Minis they capture the original Hi-Chew flavors perfectly inside the thin candy coating!

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New From MOS Burger Japan - April 2014

The new Rich MOS Cheeseburger with Gorgonzola Sauce…

And a new MOS Teriyaki Burger…

Now topped with a corn tempura patty…

I always love the care that MOS puts into the photography, design and detail of their promotional campaigns when launching new menu items. They’re meticulous in the explanations as well!

I hope these are still available when I’m back in Tokyo in June!

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Mr. Croissant Donut Hits Japan

With ads and commercials touting how popular they are in New York, using the slogan “What a Crispy Taste!”, Japanese fast food chain Mr. Donut recently introduced their own cronut knock-off… Mr. Croissant Donut!

There are currently three flavors of Mr. Croissant Donut available…

From left to right…

- Chocolate and Custard Whipped Cream

- White Chocolate and Caramel Whipped Cream

- Maple and “Angel” Whipped Cream

They’ll be on sale until June 1st, which means I’ll just miss them on my next trip.

You can watch the Japanese commercial here:

For a closer look at these Japanese cronu… I mean, Mr. Croissant Donuts, check out Rocket News 24’s article here…

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Thanks to @YukariSakamoto for the heads up!

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Japanese Fried Chicken Cheetos

While I came up empty handed on my quest for those crazy Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos, I did find a couple bags of Fried Chicken and Pepper Cheetos in Tokyo last month…

I’ve always loathed the mascot I share my first name with, Chester Cheetah, who is used much more prominently in Japanese packaging…

Clearly peppered…

These Cheetos weren’t half bad. Although I don’t really know that they tasted anything like fried chicken. It was all black pepper to my taste buds…

These were a definite step up from those godawful KFC fried chicken potato chips, which tasted like nothing but burnt cooking oil…

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BrewDog Roppongi, Tokyo

The Scottish scoundrels behind BrewDog brewery continue their plans for worldwide craft beer domination by opening their first brew pub in Tokyo, right in the heart of Roppongi…

I popped in for a few brews on my last visit and snapped a few pics to share with you all. Here’s a quick look…

While the prices are a tad high, as you can see, the staff was super friendly and extremely knowledgeable about beer, both their own and the the other brewers’ selections; the vibe was chill and quite mellow, with low music and soft lighting; and while I didn’t eat, I hear from friends that the food is excellent! I’ll most likely be spending a little more time here on my next visit to Tokyo.

Also, I hear an exclusive Japan-only BrewDog beer is in the works!


Roppongi 5-3-2

Saito Bldg, 1F

Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 


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Japanese Orange & Hazelnut Kit Kats

I love that Nestle Japan sometimes does split bags of new flavors of Kit Kats so you can sample more than one variety!

In this case, Orange and Hazelnut…

Thing is, these aren’t originally Japanese flavors; these are part of their World Assort series where they introduce Japanese fans to different Kit Kats that Nestle has produced in other parts of the world…

However, the wrappers in this case failed to note which countries these Kit Kats were originally from…

Also, I love how the split in the bag is not 50/50… you get six Hazelnut Kit Kats and seven Orange!

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Japanese Passion Fruit Kit Kats

It’s been getting harder and harder to find new flavors of Kit Kats in Japan lately. Some speculate that Nestle Japan is trying to limit the number of wide releases after the opening of their Kit Kat Chocolatory in order to help focus attention there.

While I only found a couple new choices, like Royal Milk Tea, on my trip to Tokyo last month, I do have a backlog of different varieties here at home that still I can share with you.

For example, the latest flavor from their “Adult” line of Kit Kats… Passion Fruit!

Wasn’t a big fan of these…

While they definitely tasted fruity, they were clearly lacking any passion.

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