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Schnitzel & Things

As a fan of all things fried, I’ve been wanting to try the Schnitzel & Things food truck for a while now, but as they’re usually parked downtown, I’ve never gotten the chance. Until earlier this week, when they started bringing a smaller cart up to 49th between 6th & 7th, right near Marvel!

On Monday I went over and had their pork schnitzel sandwich with sriracha mayo…

It was outstanding!

So good in fact, that I went back yesterday and got their chicken schnitzel on a brat bun with their ginger, scallion and garlic relish…

It was even better! Glorious!!

My buddy David got their eggplant and that was some of the best I had ever had, as well.

These guys are totally deserving of every accolade they’ve received. They hype is real.

I just might keep eating here every day of the week!

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The 2013 Brooklyn Defender

New York Comic Con and Brooklyn Brewery are teaming up again this year for a new incarnation of the beer concept they launched last year, Brooklyn Defender!

This year’s beer, an American Black Ale with “dark malt visage and hopping finish that protects the city from the scourge of tasteless beers”  was brewed with the intention “strike fear into the heart of those who would forget the virtues of true beer.”, according to Brooklyn Brewery brew master Garrett Oliver.

The label, designed to reflect the darker aspect of the new ale, was conceived and drawn by the amazing artist Cliff Chiang!

This redesigned Defender will hit the streets of New York on September 21st at a special launch party at the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg. Click here for details. Hope to see you there!

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