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Ben & Jerry’s + Ommegang Brewery = Ice Cream Beer Floats

Also inside the Wired Cafe at the Omni Hotel, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has teamed up with Ommegang Brewery for a pop-up that’s serving ice cream beer floats!!


Their inaugural float was the “Lazy Philosophers”, which paired Ben & Jerry’s Lazy Sunday ice cream with Ommegang’s Three Philosophers Quad Ale…


Now this is my kind of float!


There’s also a chocolate ice cream and stout combo I’ll be checking out soon!

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Mikkeller Bar, San Francisco

The Mikkeller Bar here in San Francisco is always one of the first places I hit when I visit. And look, they got a spiffy new sign…

While their beer selection is tremendous, it really is their sausage I come for, all made in-house by Chef Mike O’Brien. Bar none the best sausage I’ve had outside of NYC. Today, I was thrilled to find chicken and fennel back on the menu…

Made with chicken thighs, the sausage has a wonderful texture and consistency and stays incredibly juicy…

I was also pleased to learn that Mike will soon be launching Mikkeller Sausage Co. to supply restaurants and home cooks around the Bay Area with his incredible encased meats!

And of course, I couldn’t go to Mikkeller and not have a beer…

A Hottenroth Berliner Weisse from The Bruery, in this case!

The perfect pick-me-up after my long flight!


34 Mason St.

San Francisco, CA 94102


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Hell’s Chicken, NYC

Korean cooking finally comes to Hell’s Kitchen…


I actually read about this place while I was in Japan, and as fried chicken and Buffalo wings are my favorite foods, I knew I had to try it!

Located right next to The Pony Bar, which specializes in American craft beer, it appears Hell’s Chicken is pulling inspiration from their neighbor as they have a wonderful selection of not-so-common beers in cans and bottles. I started with an ice cold Anderson Valley Gose…


While we came for the chicken, we also decided to try a few of their Korean appetizers while we waited.

Japchae noodles…


And kimchi jeon pancake…


To be honest, neither of these dishes were anything to write home about. A bit bland, actually. I expected bolder flavors and these seemed toned down on the taste department.

But their chicken….

Their chicken is excellent!

We started with Hell’s Chicken’s plain fried chicken. And it was perfectly fried! The breading was light and oh so crispy and the meat was tender and juicy. Some of the best I’ve had in NYC! Get some gochujang on the side as well!


We then moved into their spicy soy garlic chicken…


Equally delicious! Just the right amount of heat to amplify the garlic, and not overly sauced so the chicken stayed crisp. Beats Bon Chon or Kyon Chon any day!

A nice, new international addition to the ever-expanding list of eateries in our neighborhood!


641 10th Ave.

New York, NY 10036


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Beer & Buns Burger Bar, NYC

One problem we New Yorkers often have is that come summer and the onset of beautiful weather, we have a hard time finding a place in the city to barbecue. Well, one new East Side establishment is trying to help…


Beer & Buns Burger Bar, located inside the St. Giles Hotel - The Court, just debuted a spacious, new patio lounge…


Complete with a grill…


Having opened their doors earlier this year, Beer & Buns has quickly become known for its menu of internationally-inspired sliders and selection of global craft beers, all offered at affordable prices for midtown Manhattan.

They’ll also be launching new seasonal sliders going forward, like this tasty lamb gyro option that just hit the menu…


And of course, their famed “Indulgence Burger” is still creating plenty of buzz…


A Kobe-style beef patty topped with foie gras sauteed in Sauternes wine, Beluga caviar and white truffles…


Be warned, this is the one burger they offer that is going to set you back a bundle, but a “cheaper” option at $100 will be available shortly! (10% of proceeds go to City Harvest!)

Now back to that patio and grill… It’s a lovely space that’s now open. They offer their full menu outside and will be having themed events, starting with an Asian-themed BBQ on July 24th. The space and grill are also available for rental for private events and parties by contacting the restaurant.

The Beer & Buns backyard is a cool, new location where city dwellers can go to feel like they’ve escaped NYC without ever leaving the island!


St. Giles Hotel - The Court

130 East 39th St.

New York, NY 10016


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Resto, NYC

After a few drinks and snacks at Roof at Park South, my friends and I headed up to Belgian gastropub RESTO for dinner…

While the service left a little something to be desired, some of the incredible dishes that hit the table more than made up for it! So here’s a look…

Tete de Cochon hot dogs…

Why not use all the parts of the pig’s head rather than just mystery meat?! Makes perfect sense and tasted delicious…

Their famous Belgian frites… (Apologies for the blur!)

The selection of nine dipping sauces that come with that pot of fries!

Old Bay, sriracha and lime & pickle were my three favorites.

Grilled radishes…


So pissed I didn’t get a clear picture of this gem…

My pork shoulder steak with peas, fava beans and scallions, which most people felt was probably the best entree of the evening…

Resto also has a great Belgian beer list. I started with a can of saison then moved to their tap list…

With a constantly changing menu of different cuts of meats and seasonal vegetables, Resto is full of surprises each visit!

Oh, and for adventurous eaters, they offer a large format nose-to-tail dining experiences that are worth checking out!


111 East 29th St.

New York, NY 10016


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Roof at Park South, NYC

Enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends at family at the newly-opened Roof at Park South last night…

It’s a lovely, large space…

With spectacular views of Manhattan…

Cool cocktails and cold beers, I enjoyed a draft Peepers Ale from Maine Brewing Co…

Plus, they have a kitchen serving up amazing eats from Tim Cushman of Boston’s award-winning O YA restaurant….

Warm hummus with smoked paprika and cumin…

Piadine alla Funghi with shiitake & hedgehog mushrooms and truffle oil…

(I don’t even really like shiitake and these were incredible!)

And his Sweetbreads Fritto with pecorino and lemon zest…

Their prices may be a couple bucks higher than other NYC bars, but given the location, the outstanding views and the quality of the food and beverages they’re offering, Roof is well worth the price!


125 East 27th St.

Between Lexington and Park Aves.

New York, NY 10016


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