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The Pony Bar, NYC

The Pony Bar in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen is of course best known for their 20 rotating taps of amazing American craft beer. However, the often eclectic selection of brews sometimes overshadows the interesting edible items you can find on the menu there, particularly their bar snacks. Here’s a look…

Chicken-stuffed Buffalo Pierogies…

Deep Fried Horseradish Pickles with “Chris Ryan’s” ranch dressing…

And their OUTSTANDING Beer-Battered Green Bean Tempura with Asian Mustard…

They have a full array of excellent sandwiches as well!


637 10th Ave.

NY, NY 10036


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Pizza Port, San Diego

Wanted to give you all a look at the array of Star Wars themed beers that were featured at Pizza Port’s San Diego Comic Con event last month…

My first flight…

The guest brewer that day…

There were also plenty of plates of Pizza Port’s award-winning wings to feed the legions of Jedi and Stormtroopers who stopped in for a few pints…

Even droids were welcomed into this cantina for their fun, Force-filled fan event!


1956 Bacon St.

San Diego, CA 92107


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Asadachi, Tokyo

I make no secret of the fact that Tokyo is my favorite food city the world. No other city holds a candle to the quality and diversity of the restaurants you’ll find in Japan’s capital. Not even New York City.

Having explored so much of the dining scene there over the years, on our last trip over, we took a day and decided to go “deep”, as the Japanese say; deep into the undiscovered depths of Tokyo’s funky foods. And one of the places we stumbled upon was Asadachi!

Asadachi is located at the beginning of “Omoide Yokocho”, or “Memory Lane”, a narrow alley of shops specializing in all kinds of classic Japanese street foods, from yakitori to ramen to offal. The street is also referred to as “Shonben Alley”, or “Piss Alley”, due to the lack of toilets and not so pleasant smells you’ll sometimes experience there. But putting odors aside, Omoide Yokocho is a place where if you know where to look, you’ll find some of the city’s best underground eats…


The entrance to Asadachi is marked by an unlit lantern and small sign…


As with most eateries in the alley, it’s a narrow establishment and seats only about 6 to 8 people. It was hard for a man of my size to fit in, but I sucked in an squeezed through…


Asadachi is run by this fine gentleman, who is known only as “Onichan”, or “big brother”. He took over when his dad passed away and now operates the place with his mom. Their menu changes daily, depending on what they find at Tokyo’s morning markets, and he writes out the selections every day by hand, as you can see behind him here. A red circle or line means that dish is sold out…


Here’s his mom, taking reservations on their old school rotary phone…


Notice the turtle shells above her head. That’s one of Asadachi’s specialties, along with local frogs legs, but you need to call ahead two days in advance to save a seat and reserve either, we discovered too late, unfortunately. So we went with whatever they had left that night. Here’s a look…

Raw tarako, or pollock roe…


Nametake mushrooms with daikon oroshi…


Grilled harasu, or fatty salmon belly, which is like toro with skin…


Senmai, or boiled tripe, with miso and sesame oil…


And the main event… can you guess what this is?


That’s “tama-chan”, or raw pigs testicles, served with raw egg and scallions…


You break the yolk and mix it all together…


It was my first time eating any sort of testicles prepared this way and I loved it! Forget the turtle and frog, I’m going back to Asadachi every Tokyo trip for the balls!

With a few bottles of Sapporo to wash it all down…


The cost of all these delightful delicacies… $40!

If you’re looking to eat a little off the beaten path when you’re in Tokyo next, I highly recommend you take a trip down “Memory Lane” to Asadachi for a meal you’ll never forget!


1-2-14 Nishi-Shinjuku

Near the start of Omoide Yokocho

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Cash only

Japanese only

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Ben & Jerry’s + Ommegang Brewery = Ice Cream Beer Floats

Also inside the Wired Cafe at the Omni Hotel, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has teamed up with Ommegang Brewery for a pop-up that’s serving ice cream beer floats!!


Their inaugural float was the “Lazy Philosophers”, which paired Ben & Jerry’s Lazy Sunday ice cream with Ommegang’s Three Philosophers Quad Ale…


Now this is my kind of float!


There’s also a chocolate ice cream and stout combo I’ll be checking out soon!

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