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Roof at Park South, NYC

Enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends at family at the newly-opened Roof at Park South last night…

It’s a lovely, large space…

With spectacular views of Manhattan…

Cool cocktails and cold beers, I enjoyed a draft Peepers Ale from Maine Brewing Co…

Plus, they have a kitchen serving up amazing eats from Tim Cushman of Boston’s award-winning O YA restaurant….

Warm hummus with smoked paprika and cumin…

Piadine alla Funghi with shiitake & hedgehog mushrooms and truffle oil…

(I don’t even really like shiitake and these were incredible!)

And his Sweetbreads Fritto with pecorino and lemon zest…

Their prices may be a couple bucks higher than other NYC bars, but given the location, the outstanding views and the quality of the food and beverages they’re offering, Roof is well worth the price!


125 East 27th St.

Between Lexington and Park Aves.

New York, NY 10016


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More cocktails at the Bumbye Bar yesterday…

Mutsumi went with lilikoi lemonade spiked with vodka, and I tried the Blush Baby, which is Appleton’s aged rum, white rum, lemon, demerara syrup, blackberry, raspberry and rose champagne.

Loved it!

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Bumbye Beach Bar, Maui, Hawaii

I’m so impressed with the cocktail program here at the Andaz Maui! Created by bartender Julie Reiner,  the bars try and source every ingredient locally and make every juice, syrup and mixer from scratch. True handcrafted boozy beverages!

Here’s a look at a few of the liquored-up libations we enjoyed at the Bumbye Beach Bar yesterday…

The Lokelani Swizzle - White rum, rosehip, lemongrass & hibiscus tea,
lime juice and lilikoi…

Pimms Rangoon - Pimms, gin, ginger, lemon, cucumber, strawberry and mint…

Pisco Punch - Peruvian Pisco, pineapple & lemon juice, sugar cane syrup, Fee’s Aromatic Bitters and clove…


Inside the Andaz Maui at Waliea

3550 Wailea Alanui Drive

Wailea, Maui, HI 96753


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A “Hawaiian Rainbow” from Huggo’s On The Rocks… Midori melon, 99 Bananas, Malibu coconut run, light rum, pineapple juice and grenadine.
I love how the tiki torch in the background makes it look flames are shooting from the straw!

A “Hawaiian Rainbow” from Huggo’s On The Rocks… Midori melon, 99 Bananas, Malibu coconut run, light rum, pineapple juice and grenadine.

I love how the tiki torch in the background makes it look flames are shooting from the straw!

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Rum-fueled fun at Frankie’s Tiki Room last night!

Killer cocktails!! My favorites were the Thurston Howl and Three Rum Scum.

A bit off the Strip, but worth the cab ride…


1712 W Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89102


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The Butterfly, NYC


I have mixed feelings when it comes to Michael White’s restaurants and food…

Love the pasta at Marea, but dislike the crudo.

Love the food at Osteria Morini, can’t stand the ambiance.

Love the concept behind Nicoletta, didn’t like our experience there.

But I will always give his eateries a try, which is why we headed down to The Butterfly when it opened earlier this summer. And yet again, the evening was a mixed bag for me.

I loved his appetizers, like these pork rinds with pecorino cheese and pepper…


Delicate and delicious!

However, I found the main courses here to be simply run-of-the-mill “classics” that I’ve had better versions of at Midtown diners. If you’re only offering a limited menu of well-known comfort foods, I expect a chef of White’s caliber to knock them out of the park. Do with these blue plate specials what you do for pasta! Unfortunately, his patty melt and fried chicken were both bland and boring.



The cocktails at Butterfly, on the other hand, were simply OUTSTANDING! Easily some of the best drinks I’ve imbibed all year. But at $14 to $16 a pop, they cost almost as much as the entrees! Eben Freeman is the best at what he does, yes, but the bar prices here are really pushing acceptable limits, even for NYC!

Like I said, I went opening week and maybe they still had a few kinks to work out, but I at least wanted to give you a look inside and tell you what I thought. If you go and have a different experience, please let me know.


225 West Broadway

NY, NY 10013


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