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When you think about, this is a pretty simple concept, but I’d never seen it offered in a bar or restaurant before.

At the excellent Anton’s Taproom in Kansas City, you’re able to create a quick infusion of fruits, herbs and spices into your beer at your own table using a French press! It’s a process they call “randalling” and it works quite well! They offer all kind of things you can press into any number of the diverse beers they have on tap.

We also pressed our own coffee into a local porter for dessert!


1610 Main Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64108


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How to Open a Mangosteen

Mangosteen has officially become our new favorite fruit. We’re obsessed with it! And while we were in Penang our Uncle Ng showed us the easiest way to open one…


Did you know that the number of “leaves” on the bottom of a mangosteen tells you how many pieces of fruit are on the inside?


So there should be six pieces inside this one.

Supposedly, it’s good luck to find an eight-leafed mangosteen!

To easily open one, you interlock your fingers and place the mangosteen inside them, the bottom facing you…


You then simply slowly apply pressure on the fruit using the palms of your hands…


And it should slowly start to tear open…


Revealing the white, fleshy fruit inside…



From there you just use your fingers to peel off the rest of the skin…


Six pieces, as “promised”…


Ready to eat and enjoy!

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